Global Markets Action Plan

The Blueprint for Creating Jobs and Opportunities for Canadians through Trade

Canada's economic prosperity depends on international trade and investment. The Global Markets Action Plan will ensure that all the diplomatic assets of the Government of Canada are harnessed to support the pursuit of commercial success by Canadian companies and investors in key foreign markets, to generate new jobs and new opportunities for workers and families here at home.

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The new Global Markets Action Plan will continue to guide Canada’s strong economic growth now and into the future. Key elements of the plan include targeting the markets that matter to Canadian businesses and ensuring that Canada’s interests are advanced in those markets. By sharpening our trade policy tools, putting boots on the ground, and promoting business-to-business links with partners globally—links that are so often precursors to new ideas, new commercial activity and new opportunities—the approach is designed to keep the plan squarely aligned to the needs of Canadian business. Read More...