Fact Sheet: Ocean Technologies Sector

The ocean technology sector is an advanced, cross-cutting technology industry that provides goods and services for marine and ocean-related industries. Examples of ocean technologies and services include robotics, sensors, ocean modeling and forecasting, hydrographic services and digital chart production, vessel and platform engineering, navigation systems, marine ICT and simulation technologies. The Canadian sector is characterized by small, highly international companies that sell dual- or multiple-use technologies to various vertical markets. The sector is part of the modern ocean economy and serves various wealth-generating ocean industries, including marine transportation, defence and security, coastal and ocean management, fisheries and aquaculture, offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production, seabed mining and ocean renewable energy.

Scope of Canadian sector

The ocean technologies industry consists of a few large companies and many small and medium-sized firms. A typical ocean technology firm employs 10-20 people and generates some $100,000 to $120,000 in average per employee sales annually. Canadian firms have established themselves as world leaders in ocean technology niches.

Key Markets

China, European Free Trade Association, European Union, Israel, United States