Fact Sheet: Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas sector includes the entire range of activities in the oil and gas industry. The sector includes downstream petrochemical and refining areas and upstream activities in exploration (seismic, geophysical), drilling/casing, primary production of oil and gas, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), both thermal and gas injection.

Statistics for 2013

  • Percent of GDP: 6.7%
  • Direct employment in Canada: 131,167 jobs
  • Exports: $115.2 billion

Source: Statistics Canada

Top five export markets

United States, Netherlands, France, Japan, China

Priority Markets

Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Burma, China, Colombia, European Free Trade Association, European Union, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Russia*Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United StatesVietnam