Go Global - Supporting Export Success: Slide Show

Go Global: Supporting Export Success

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Case Study: Canada Inc.

Situation: Canada Inc. wants to grow internationally but does not know where to start.

Company Profile

  • Name: Canada Inc.
  • Industry: Mobile Technology
  • Years in Business: 7
  • Main Product/Service: Software Application Development
  • Target Markets: United States, Europe
Case Study: Canada Inc.

Challenge #1: Where should I be looking for new market opportunities?

TCS can help:

  • Preparation for international markets
  • Do the market research to identify opportunities
  • Introduce them to key contacts in markets
The Trade Commissioner Service (TSC)

Serving over 13,500 clients a year

  • Network of over 1,000 international trade professionals
  • Located in 174 cities worldwide, across Canada; and embedded within key industry associations

Key Services

  • Foreign-market access
  • Trade leads
  • Exports
  • Business contacts
  • Technology transfer
  • Licensing agreements
  • Joint-venture development
  • Investment in Canada
  • R & D international partnership
Case Study: Canada Inc.

Challenge #2: I need a business strategy for the new market

BDC can help:

  • Obtain additional financing to increase capacity so they can consider exporting
  • Develop their business strategy
  • Look at their business model and identify opportunities to improve productivity
Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Service over 30,000 SMEs at more than 100 local business centres in all industries and at all stages of development
  • BDC’s clients generated $22 billion in export revenue

Key Services

  • Financing for projects within Canada to grow, both at home and abroad
  • Consulting services to prepare businesses to expand
  • A full spectrum of specialized financing (e.g. venture capital, equity, subordinate financing)
Case Study: Canada Inc.

Challenge #3: I have a deal. Now what?

EDC can help:

  • Protect their risks by covering their receivables with insurance
  • Work with the company’s bank to free up cash for more deals
  • Provide performance bonds
Export Development Canada
  • Serving approximately 7,200 Canadian companies of which 77% are SMEs
  • Helped SMEs conduct $11.6 billion in exports

Key Services

  • Market Knowledge so you can research new business opportunities
  • Credit Insurance to protect your sales
  • Bank Guarantees to free up your working capital
  • Foreign Buyer Financing so you can offer your customers competitive term financing
  • Political Risk Insurance to protect assets such as equipment and manufacturing facilities
  • Foreign investment and foreign affiliate support to help you invest in new markets
Case Study: Canada Inc.

Challenge #4: After successfully delivering on contracts in the US and Europe, we have been contacted by the Government of Peru with a contract opportunity

CCC helped them:

  • Explain the government-to-government approach
  • Develop a proposal
  • Negotiate a contract
  • Sign a government-to-government contract
Canadian Commercial Corporation

CCC supports the development of trade by helping Canadian exporters access government procurement markets of other nations through government-to-government contracting.

Key Services

  • Relationship with key foreign government decision makers
  • Government of Canada proposal submission with Exporter
  • Contract negotiation with Exporter
  • Contract monitoring and contract issue resolution
  • Formal due diligence is carried out on the Canadian exporter prior to collaboration

Export Planning: Market Research > Connections to Partners > Navigation through government programs

Going to Market: Marketing Planning > General Business Planning and Advice > Consulting > Finding Foreign Market Contacts

Financing: Insuring Sales > Working Capital > VC, Equity/Sub-Debt > Asset Financing > Performance Bonds

Market Entry: Foreign Investment > Accessing global supply chains > Accessing foreign governement procurement markets > Direct commercial sales > Resolving business problems

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