Canada is home to the 8th largest pharmaceutical market in the world,Footnote 1 employing 27,000 people in 490 establishments,Footnote 2 and continues to grow at a compound annual rate of 2.2%. It is home to the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies, several of which manage R&D and manufacturing operations.Footnote 3

“ Bringing a global pharmaceutical development site to Roche Canada is a testament to our skilled and talented workforce, and offers tremendous opportunities to solidify [Canada’s] reputation as a global research hub. ”

Ronnie Miller, President and CEO, Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.

  • Canada enjoys a low cost research and manufacturing base, ranking second in the G7 for clinical trials operation and in cost-effectiveness in the establishment and operation of manufacturing facilities.Footnote 4
  • Investors can benefit from Canada’s ever-more commercially oriented health research network, providing value and advantages in infrastructure, to firms securing partnerships.
  • Canada’s pharmaceutical sector is ideally suited to the current climate of patent expirations, and the demand for new licensing prospects, partnerships and alternative forms of investment.

Leading Networks, Research Groups and Support Programs


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