Canada is a known global leader in the development of a bio-based economy. Leading bioproducts produced in Canada include: biofuels, biopolymers and chemicals, with ethanol being the leading bioproduct by revenue. The industry consists of 208 firms employing 3,020 people generating $1.3 billion in revenues.Footnote 1 This makes Canada the destination of choice for some of the world’s largest companies active in the bioproducts space, including Archer Daniel Midland and BioAmber Inc. and LANXESS.

“At EcoSynthetix, a globally expanding company, we made a strategic decision to establish our headquarters and our Centre for Innovation in Canada because of the ability for our scientists to work with university researchers for developing new technologies and benefiting from Canada’s "Open for Business" policies and tax benefits.”

John van Leeuwen, Chairman & CEO, EcoSynthetix Inc.

  • Canada offers unique advantages to investors in the bio product industry. It has more biomass resource per capita than any other country and access to a wealth of feedstock.
  • Nearly 80% of firms in this sector are small and medium-sized enterprises and are seeking investors.
  • Canada has a highly skilled and educated workforce in the bioproducts industry. Colleges and universities are actively working with industry to ensure courses are designed to meet the needs of this high-growth industry.

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Footnote 1

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