Business Services

Canada is a global leader in a variety of business service verticals. Foreign investors have established operations in human resources management, customer relations management, knowledge process outsourcing, data mining, application development, project management, business continuity and disaster planning support. The business services sector is a large part of the Canadian economy and foreign investors can expect deep supply chains and infrastructure to support their objectives.

“…There’s high confidence right now; the economy is doing well and lots of investment is being made; this consistency shows that businesses really can rely on Canada…”

Natan Aronshtam, Global Managing Director, Research and Development and Government Incentives, Deloitte & Touche

  • Professional, scientific and technical services, which are a sub-component of business services, contributed $83.5 billion to Canadian GDPFootnote 1 and employed 820,307 Canadians in 2013.Footnote 2
  • Canada’s cost environment for business services is extremely advantageous: corporate-services firms operating in Canada typically save 12.5% on total costs relative to their U.S.-based counterparts.Footnote 3
  • Canadian cities consistently rank near the top of Mercer LLC’s annual Quality of Living Survey and dominated the list for North America in 2014.Footnote 4 Rankings such as these are important to investors in business services, as they help attract and retain high-calibre staff.

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