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Canada is home to a thriving digital media industry, recognised as a world leader in video game development, animation and visual effects. With an industry that employs over 50,000 employees and generates 7.5 billion in annual revenue, Canada is one of the leading investment destinations for global digital media companies.Footnote 1

“…Canada has demonstrated a deep understanding of the digital media and game industries… This makes it a perfect choice for our first step forward in establishing our global network. …thanks to its great talent pool, leading-edge academic and research institutions and pro-business federal and provincial governments.”

Hajime Nakatani, President, NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc.

  • Canada offers the lowest business costs in the G-7 for digital entertainment. Video game development studios typically enjoy a 23.8 % cost advantage over their U.S. based counterparts. Footnote 2 Companies in Canada may be able to benefit from advantageous tax credits to lower their labour costs when producing interactive digital products, animation or visual effects.
  • Canadian studios are responsible for developing one in every six top-selling console games. Blockbuster titles from Canada include Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, EA/BioWare’s Mass Effect, EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer.
  • The digital gaming industry in Canada, made up of 329 studios contributing $2.3 billion to the national GDP in 2012Footnote 3 , is ranked as the third largest in the world.

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