Renewable Energy

Canada offers foreign investors a strong renewable energy industry with opportunities across the entire value chain, from technology development and supply to energy generation, distribution and storage. Presently, 65% of electricity generated in Canada comes from renewable sourcesFootnote 1 and each year, renewables account for a greater share of Canada’s electricity-generation capacity.

“ ENERCON’s experience in Canada over the past 12 years has been overwhelmingly positive. Strong support from local industry including depth, maneuverability and integrity of the supply chain, superb wind resources, strong policy initiatives, a highly trained and motivated labour force and a rock-solid financial system have reinforced the 2001 decision to build our presence in this market. ”

Adrienne Downey, B. Eng., Operations and Business Development Manager, ENERCON Canada, Inc.

  • Canada’s long coastlines and vast land mass give it some of the best wind and solar resources. This is supported by a large domestic and regional market; Canada is the 6th largest consumer of electricity in the world.
  • The renewable energy industry is growing within Canada. Annual solar capacity has been forecasted to increase three-fold by 2025.Footnote 2 Wind energy moved from just 300 MW installed capacity in 2003 to close to 8,000 by end of 2013.Footnote 3 It is expected to add record 1,300 MW in 2014 and another 5,000 MW of projects over the next three years.
  • Canada is a world leader in collaborative R & D. There are tremendous opportunities to create partnerships between industry, government, universities, research institutes and testing facilities.

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