Medical Devices

Canada offers a highly diversified, R&D intensive, technology based and export oriented medical device sector, with about 1,500 firms employing 35,000 peopleFootnote 1 and exporting $1.9 billion worth of medical devices in 2013.Footnote 2 Demographic trends, developments in science and engineering, and changes in care delivery are expected to contribute to the sector’s future growth.

“ Medtronic remains committed to Canada and looks forward to the evolution of its medical technology strategies and to becoming a trusted partner in delivering innovative health system solutions. ”

Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic of Canada Ltd.

  • Canada’s medical devices sector is estimated at $6.8 billion, ranking it 9th globally.Footnote 3 Key business segments of sales in Canada were diagnostic apparatus (25.8%), consumables (15.3%), patient aids (12.3%), orthopaedics and prosthetics (11.9%) and dental products (6.9%).
  • Canada ranks 1st in the G7 in terms of cost-effectiveness for the establishment and operation of medical devices manufacturing facilities.Footnote 4 Canada also ranks 3rd in the world for the number of sites for active clinical trials of medical devices.Footnote 5
  • Medical devices manufacturers benefit from Canada’s highly developed transportation infrastructure and, thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement, duty-free access to Mexico and to the U.S.—the largest medical devices market in the world.

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