Canada’s highly educated and experienced workforce, competitive labour costs, leading-edge R&D facilities, and favourable tax rates and benefits make Canada a world class investment destination in the software sector. The who’s who in software has located operations in Canada, including companies such as Accenture, Agfa HealthCare, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, Oracle,, Samsung, SAP, Twitter, and Wipro.

“ Canada is one of the world’s leaders in mobile-software development. Venture capitalists have started taking note. Google is certainly taking note. ”

Chris O’Neill, Managing Director, Google Canada

  • In a 2013 study by KPMG, Canada is ranked 1st among a group of nine developed markets when it comes to the costs of locating software development operations. Canada offers foreign investors a full 12.9% cost advantage over the United States.
  • Labour costs for high value added activities in Canada are particularly advantageous when compared with costs in the United States, Japan, and Europe.
  • The ICT industry is the largest private-sector R&D investor in Canada. In 2012, 22 Canadian companies spent more than $100 million on R&D and nine of these were in the ICT sector.Footnote 1

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Footnote 1

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