Testimonials - Canadian Businesses Succeeding on the World Stage

The following are a collection of testimonials from Canadian businesses that have successfully participated in the CanExport program.

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Making Canadian ammolite shine on the global market

Name: Martin Bunting
Company: KORITE
Location: Calgary, Alberta

KORITE is the world’s largest producer of gem-grade ammolite. The company’s mine is currently the world’s only legally known operating source of mined ammolite. In addition to mining the gem, the company’s sales, design and production division sells fine jewelry around the world in more than 28 countries. KORITE 's initial market assessment found a potential for expansion in the China market. With the support of CanExport they are looking to increase market awareness in the China market, specifically through strategic partnerships initiatives and industry trade shows. They have already successfully partnered with Mahasida Ammolite Jewelry to ensure the distribution of finished KORITE jewellery in China and further development of innovative product technology resources in the China market.

“Thanks to the significant support and commitment of the Government of Canada through the CanExport program and the Trade Commissioner Service, a crucial component of KORITE’s strategic corporate entry into the emerging China market has been accomplished for our gem-grade ammolite products. KORITE is appreciative for this support and looks forward to a rewarding long-term relationship with the Government of Canada.”

Martin Bunting, Chief Executive Officer, KORITE

Aiding to care for the environment

Name: B.J. Min
Company: TRIUM Environmental Inc. 
Location: Cochrane, Alberta 

TRIUM specializes in the development, integration and execution of environmental remediation strategies, with a global perspective. The company is looking to export its cutting edge chemical oxidation, heavy metal stabilization, and soil washing technologies, along with its new enhanced thermal remediation technology. Through CanExport, it is looking at possible licensing or joint collaborations with firms in the Chinese market. During Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China in September 2016, Trium signed an MOU with BCEG Environmental Remediation Co. Ltd.

“The reputation of the Government of Canada and the trade commissioners has been a major factor in the exploration and branding of our company in China, specialized in environmental remediation strategies. Further, the support of CanExport and of the National Research Council Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program for our SME model has shifted the view of the commitments associated with development and globalization from that of concern to one of opportunity.”

B.J. Min, Chief Executive Officer, TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Helping to power Google

Name: Cameron Wallin
Company: AppBridge Software Inc.
Location: Vancouver, BC

AppBridge Headquarters in Vancouver
Signing of agreement between AppBridge and Japanese partner, Densan System Co.

AppBridge is an award-winning Google Premier partner that develops applications used to power the world’s largest Google Apps migrations. The company was founded in 2014, and with the support of CanExport and the Government of Canada, has expanded internationally with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Kyoto, Japan. In May 2016, AppBridge signed an agreement with its Japanese partner, Densan System Co. that will see Densan sell AppBridge’s technology platform in Japan. This agreement was facilitated by CanExport.

“Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada through the CanExport program and the partnership with Google Japan, we are now expanding into the Japanese market. This is an exciting and growing space. We’re looking forward to growth in Canadian hiring this will allow us to pursue. I’m really looking forward to partnering with CanExport again to help us support more Google customers around the world.”

Cameron Wallin, President and CEO, AppBridge

Bringing Canadian holographic technology to India

Name: Dr. Stephen Jones
Company: 4Deep
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia 

4Deep inwater imaging has patented holographic technology to create powerful microscopes that enhance research and discovery. With the support of CanExport, the company is marketing and promoting their submersible microscope system in India to monitor water quality in lakes, rivers and oceans.

“Funding from the CanExport program has already had a positive influence on our company’s ability to introduce and export our technology to India. This fall we toured throughout the Country with our new distributor partner launching a series of live demonstrations of our submersible microscope, giving presentations and concluding with an exhibition at the Clean Seas conference in Goa. To date we have issued over half a dozen quotations to direct potential customers and I fully expect this to translate into sales within the next six to eight months.”

Dr. Stephen Jones, Chief Executive Officer, 4Deep Inwater Imaging

Exporting innovative IT solutions

Name: Charles Gervais
Company: Missing Link Technologies
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

Missing Link Technologies provides customized solutions and innovative products to service providers in the information and communication technology industry. The company focuses on network and facilities management, software and database development, supported by project and process management, to meet the industry’s sustainable goals. Through CanExport, the company is looking to expand its reach in Europe, including the Finnish market, to support potential clients that require assistance developing techniques in the optimization of Data Centres and their related facilities.

“We at Missing Link Technologies are proud to partner with the Government of Canada, through the support of the CanExport program, in developing a market for our customized solutions in information and communication technology in Finland. We believe that this is a growing market for our company, and we look forward to developing our business opportunities in that region. The simple and quick CanExport process is allowing us to grow as an organization through the export of our products and services internationally, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.”

Charles Gervais, President, Missing Link Technologies Ltd.
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