Aid and development

Find out what Canada does to fight global poverty.



The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Learn how Canada is contributing to the global goals for advancing sustainable development towards 2030.

International assistance review

Based on its extensive public consultations, Canada will refocus its international assistance.

Humanitarian assistance

Learn how Canada helps during international crises and natural disasters.

Economic growth

Find information on Canada’s role in supporting sustainable growth in developing countries through helping local businesses and investing in people.

Food security and nutrition

Learn how Canada and its partners are strengthening agriculture and increasing food security around the world.

Children and youth

How we mobilize global action to improve the well-being and empowerment of children and youth in developing countries.


Discover how Canada supports citizen engagement and good governance in its development countries of focus.

Environmental sustainability

Learn about Canada’s environmental protection strategies for international development projects.

Gender equality

Discover how Canada’s commitment to gender equality is reflected in its international development initiatives.

Global health

Our efforts to decrease death by preventable causes in the developing world.


Canada’s response to the conflict in Syria

Read more about how Canada has worked to support the Syrian people since the beginning of the crises in 2011.

International development funding

Discover Government of Canada funding opportunities for Canadian and international partners that work to reduce poverty in developing countries.

Results and transparency

Find facts and figures on Canada’s international development initiatives.

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