Canada and Bangladesh relations

Canada established diplomatic relations with Bangladesh in 1972.

In Bangladesh, Canada is represented by the High Commission of Canada in Bangladesh, Dhaka.

In Canada, Bangladesh is represented by the High Commission for Bangladesh in Ottawa.

Bilateral relations

Built upon shared values of democracy and pluralism, Canada’s relations with Bangladesh are focused on:

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation

People-to-people links between Canada and Bangladesh are expanding. The Bangladeshi-Canadian community is estimated at over 100,000 and continues to make significant contributions to Canadian prosperity and to the multi-cultural fabric of Canada.

Canada and Bangladesh share a number of multilateral interests including trade liberalization through the World Trade Organization and support for international peacekeeping. Canada and Bangladesh also enjoy close ties as members of the United Nations and the Commonwealth.

Trade and investment

Canada’s commercial relationship with Bangladesh has grown dramatically over the last 12 years. The value of bilateral merchandise trade has more than tripled from $600.5 million in 2004 to over $2.4 billion Canadian dollars in 2016. During this period, Canadian merchandise exports to Bangladesh have increased over sixfold. Canadian merchandise exports to Bangladesh were $768 million in 2016, of which 83% was agriculture items. Canadian merchandise imports from Bangladesh were nearly $1.6 billion in 2016.

Canada’s main exports to Bangladesh include:

Bangladesh is Canada’s third largest pulse export market (e.g. dry peas, lentils, chickpeas), and a major market for high quality wheat. In addition, several flagship Canadian companies from the aerospace, information and communication technology sectors are active in Bangladesh market and pursuing new business opportunities.

Canada has supplied Bangladesh with one million tons of potash since independence in 1971. The Canadian Commercial Corporation, Government of Canada signed the first government to government agreement with the Government of Bangladesh in April 2014 to export high quality potash fertilizer to Bangladesh.

In August 2013, Canada and Bangladesh concluded negotiations of a first-time bilateral air transport agreement, in Ottawa. Both countries agreed to apply the agreement on an administrative basis immediately. Carriers from both Canada and Bangladesh can now launch new services.

Canada’s main merchandise imports from Bangladesh included:

Canada is a bright spot for Bangladeshi apparel, with garments and textile products making up the bulk of Canada’s merchandise imports from Bangladesh. Bangladesh has enjoyed duty-free market access to Canada since 2003. Potential trading opportunities for Bangladesh to explore include:

Bangladesh started exporting pharmaceutical products to Canada in 2017.

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