Canada and Egypt relations

Canada and Egypt share a respectful and beneficial partnership, founded on the following common interests:

The key issues in our relationship are:

Canada is an important destination for Egyptian emigrants, and there are now vibrant Egyptian-Canadian communities all across Canada.

Development assistance

Canada supports development projects in Egypt by partnering with local and international organizations. Canada’s development assistance in Egypt focusses on:

Canada’s funding has helped build the capacity of Egyptian institutions to train young people in entrepreneurship, to deliver technical and vocational training and to run employment fairs and job search clubs in remote regions of the country.

Canada also funds initiatives to distribute supplies to students, expand school feeding programs, train teachers and school staff, and offer learning camps for children, which have improved access to education for Egyptian and Syrian children in over 400 schools.

Commerce and investment

Two-way trade between Canada and Egypt has been growing in recent years, totalling $1.36 billion CAD in 2016.

Agricultural and food products account for roughly one third of Canada’s exports to Egypt. Heavy machinery, oil and gas, and paper products are also significant Canadian exports to Egypt.

Imports of precious stones account for approximately 90% of Canada's imports from Egypt. Other top import commodities are textiles, apparel, and agricultural products.

In the education sector, Canadian institutions and their Egyptian partners are offering Canadian-based curricula and degrees from Canadian universities. Additionally, over 1,800 Egyptian students currently study in Canada at the secondary or post-secondary level.

Canadian firms have sizeable investments in Egypt in petrochemicals, oil and gas, security and tourism.

Canada and Egypt signed a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement in 1997.

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