Public Visibility and Recognition

As a major federal funding institution, Global Affairs Canada provides significant investment support to international assistance. To make Canadians and populations of recipient countries aware of Canada’s contributions, organizations receiving financial support from Canada must recognize this source of funding, where appropriate.

What is Visibility and Recognition?

Visibility and recognition is the public acknowledgement by funding recipients of Canada’s contributions to international development and responses to humanitarian crises.

Why is Visibility and Recognition important?

Global Affairs Canada values its relationships with funding recipients and knows that when recipients talk about Canada and its commitment to international assistance, Canadians learn that their contributions are making a difference. Public recognition can also help engage Canadians in development issues while helping to advance Canada’s influence, interests and values internationally.

Canada's international assistance efforts are recognized on a global scale. To remain prominent and influential, our work must be easily identified and this can be attained with public recognition. That’s why Global Affairs Canada is reaching out to funding recipients to inform Canadians about Canada’s contributions to international development.

How do recipients demonstrate public recognition?

Here are some examples of the many ways recipients of Global Affairs Canada funding publicly recognize Canada’s contributions:

Global Affairs Canada works closely with organizations to achieve effective visibility and recognition.

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