Registration information checklist

Please ensure that you have all the information needed to register by referring to the checklist below. This will allow you to complete all the fields in the registration form.

  1. Your organization’s information
    This includes the name of your organization, business number, main business telephone number, web address, mailing address and civic address.
  2. Your organization type
    You will choose from a drop-down menu one of the following:
    • Canadian non-profit making
    • Canadian profit making
    • Foreign non-profit making
    • Foreign profit making
  3. Your organization classification
    Based on your organization type, you will choose an organization classification from the following drop-down list:
    • Governmental
    • Para-governmental
    • Civil Society
    • Multilateral
    • Private Sector
  4. Your organization sub-classification
    Based on your organization classification, you will choose from a drop-down list of sub-classifications.
  5. Your organization short name
    The short version of your organizational name is created when you set up your account. It can be up to eight characters long using letters and numbers only. Your organization's acronym or other commonly used short form is recommended.
  6. Your organization legal name
    The legal name that appears on your organization's official documents.
  7. Your organization operating name
    It is the name under which the organization operates other than the Legal Name, if any. It is the name used in the course of day-to-day business.
  8. Your organization business number
    • For Canadian organizations
      The business number your organization has been assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency (one number per business).
    • For non-Canadian organizations
      This will be your incorporation or registration number assigned in the country in which your organization is incorporated or registered.
  9. Your organization incorporation number
    • For Canadian organizations
      The number that is assigned to an organization by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) at the time of its incorporation. The number is 7 digits long (e.g. 999999-1) and is also known as the “corporation file number.”
    • For non-Canadian organizations
      This is the same as your organization's business number.
  10. Your organization main business telephone number
    Main business telephone number of your organization.
  11. Your organization web address
    Web URL of your organization.
  12. Your preferred language of correspondence
    All requests for funding and all supporting documentation must be provided in either English or French.
  13. Head of your organization
    Their name, basic contact information, civic address and mailing address.
  14. Proof of legal status
    You must upload a scanned copy of your organization's proof of legal status. This document will show incorporation or registration in the organization's home country.
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