Service Standards Pilot Project

Global Affairs Canada is launching a one-year pilot project on service standards for the delivery of grants and contributions. This initiative is limited to funding under the International Development Assistance Program for which applications will be submitted via the Partners@International portal. The results of the project will inform best practices and help improve services for applicants and recipients.

The following table describes the service standards being piloted and states the measurable level of performance that applicants can reasonably expect to encounter under normal circumstances:

Service StandardDescriptionPerformance IndicatorTarget
Acknowledge receipt of a funding applicationFor applications submitted via the Partners@International portal, applicants will receive an email from the department the same day, acknowledging receipt of their application.% of acknowledgements issued within the service standard100%
Inform applicant of a funding decisionThe department will communicate a funding decision to applicants within 10 business days of making the final funding decision.% of applicants informed of a funding decision within the service standard90%
Issue a payment to recipientSubject to the terms and conditions of the funding instrument, the department will issue grants and contributions payments within 30 business days of receipt and approval of the required documentation.% of payments issued within the service standard90%
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