Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean

Canada values the deep, long-standing relationships that it has with the countries and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as with the region's multilateral organisations, such as:

The Summit of the Americas, and other key meetings, also form an important part of Canada’s engagement with countries in the region.

Canada's priorities in the region

Canada shares connections with countries and peoples of Latin America and Caribbean that go far beyond geography, including:  people-to-people ties; shared values; investment; student exchanges; and tourism. Canada works with partners in the region to reinforce those relationships; address social, economic and security issues; and identify opportunities to further develop trade and investment ties for mutual economic, social and cultural benefit.

Canada engages with the countries and peoples of the region through policy dialogue, stakeholder engagement, and international development programming to, among other things:

An important partner in the hemisphere

Five of the top 15 countries visited by Canadians in 2015 were in the Americas.

Canada has seven Free Trade Agreements in the hemisphere with:

Canada also has nine Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements and more than 30 air transport agreements with countries in the region.

From 2006 to 2016, Canada has invested $6.06 billion in international development assistance in the region through bilateral programming, and multilateral institutions.

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