Canada and Iraq relations

Canada and Iraq have a strong relationship, as shown by Canada’s commitment to Iraq’s security, stability and prosperity. Canada supports the Government of Iraq’s efforts to restore stability, heal sectarian divisions, build inclusive and effective governance, and encourage economic growth. We are an active member of the Global Coalition against Daesh and contribute to all of the Coalition’s military and civilian lines of effort.

In 2016, Canada announced a new strategy to address the crises in Iraq and Syria and their impacts on the region. Canada is contributing more than $2 billion over three years towards security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance, a significant portion of which is focused on Iraq.

As part of this strategy, Canada increased its presence in Iraq. The Canadian embassy in Baghdad and its office in Erbil work with the Iraqi government and other local and international partners to:

Canada-funded projects

For the period 2016 to 2019, Canada has committed over $240 million to Iraq, including:

For more information, see Canada’s Middle East engagement strategy.

Resettlement of refugees

Working with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Canada is resettling Iraqi refugees living in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. As of 2016, more than 23,000 Iraqi refugees have been resettled in Canada.

In 2017, Canada will resettle 1,200 particularly vulnerable victims of Daesh, many of whom are from the Yazidi community in Iraq.

Trade and investment

Trade between Canada and Iraq amounted to $180.4 million in 2015. Though our trade volume with Iraq has decreased somewhat since 2015, commercial opportunities exist in:

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