Export control regimes

Canada tightly regulates the export of material, equipment and technology in the nuclear, chemical, and biological fields. Export controls also apply to conventional weapons, as well as related dual-use goods and a number of additional strategic goods and technologies.

These regulations ensure that such exports are consistent with our foreign and defence policies, and that controlled materials, goods, and technologies are exported only to entities in countries that meet Canada’s stringent export control requirements regarding:

Sensitive exports are assessed for proliferation and arms control considerations by determining whether the export:

Export permits

Such exports often require the issuance of an export permit pursuant to the provisions of the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA).

Most items on Canada’s Export Control List (ECL) reflect Canada’s obligations under relevant multilateral international agreements. The ECL is divided into seven Groups, from the common control lists of the export control regimes (except Group 5, Miscellaneous Goods and Technology).

Canada participates in export control regimes and multilateral initiatives created in response to concern about the proliferation of:

Each export control regime addresses a different category of goods and technologies and maintains current lists of controlled equipment, technology, and materials.

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