International Aid Transparency Initiative

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) has developed an international standard to make information about aid spending easier to find, use and compare. The former CIDA became a member of IATI in November 2011 and published its first quarterly data sets on October 31, 2012 and its IATI Implementation Schedule in December 2012.

Some of the data presented in these IATI data files will differ from the data found on the Open Data website and in the International Development Project Browser. Over time, the relevant parts of the Open Data website and the Project Browser will be aligned to the IATI Standard. Please note that as of May 1st 2015 the activity file is using version 2.01 of the IATI standard.

Bilingual files are published rather than separate English and French files containing the same data. This should facilitate data analysis and avoid mistakes in aggregating data. Codes are used rather than words, wherever possible (e.g. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) country code rather than Peru and Pérou). These codes can be cross-referenced to the IATI Codelists.

Three data sets are published: two Activity Files containing information about projects, one for active projects with Implementation (2) or Completion (3) status and one for past projects (with a post-completion (4) status) as well as an Organization File with department-level information.

Activity File

The IATI Standard refers to "activities", which for Global Affairs Canada means international development projects. This file contains projects that were operational, terminating or closed, in the department’s Project Browser. It contains data fields that are similar to those in the Project Browser, as well as policy markers; the planned country-programmable aid spending for countries of focus; the sum of approved commitments to other key partner countries and key partner organizations; collaboration type; finance type; flow type and aid type; conditions; planned disbursements in projects; Canadian organisation unique identifiers and activity documents.

This file shows either countries or regions for each project, not both. It shows country information for projects implemented in specific countries and regional information for projects implemented at a regional level. The Open Data and Project Browser files show the country or countries benefitting from each project, including regional projects, although the regional projects may not have activities in every one of the countries listed.

Organisation File

This file contains information about the annual forward planning budget and links to key documents such as strategies and reports published on Global Affairs Canada's website.

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