Canada and Jordan relations

Jordan is a valued partner for Canada.

Canada and Jordan share common interests and values in promoting regional stability and in enhancing responsible government. Our shared interests include:

Jordan was one of the first parties to the Ottawa Convention banning anti-personnel mines and with Canada’s support became the first country in the region to achieve mine-free status in 2012.

Canada and Jordan also share strong people to people links through a large Jordanian-Canadian community in Canada, Jordanian students studying in Canada, and Canadians living and working in Jordan.

Commerce and investment

Trade between Canada and Jordan is modest but increasing. In 2016, Canadian exports to Jordan were valued at $81.4 million and imports from Jordan were valued at $91.7 million. Canada’s top merchandise exports to Jordan were vehicles, pulses, electric machinery, wood, paper and paperboard. Our main merchandise import was knitted or woven apparel. The largest Canadian investment in Jordan is in Jordan’s potash mining sector.

The Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, Canada’s first FTA with an Arab country, is a goods-only trade agreement that entered into force on October 1, 2012. The Canada-Jordan Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) entered into force in 2009. Canada has also signed with Jordan a convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion, an Air Transport Agreement, a Nuclear Cooperation Agreement and an Audiovisual Coproduction Treaty.

Canada’s commercial priorities for Jordan include:

Canada’s international assistance

Canada’s aid programs in Jordan focus on helping those most affected by the crises in Syria and Iraq, particularly the over 650,000 Syrian and thousands of other refugees living in Jordan and the communities that host them.

Canada also works on building local capacity to provide quality education for all girls and boys, to economically empower women and youth, and to involve communities in setting priorities and holding local governments accountable.

Another priority for Canada is ‎promoting security and stability through technical and non-lethal material support to security forces and law enforcement bodies to enhance Jordan's ability to prevent, detect and respond to national and regional security threats.

Resettlement of refugees

Every year, Canada works closely with Jordan to resettle people who flee to Jordan from their nearby war torn countries.  Jordan offers a safe environment from which families can be processed for resettlement in Canada.

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