Canada is investing $840 million over the next three years to support the basic needs of those hardest hit by the conflicts, including food, shelter, healthcare, water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as protection and emergency education.

Helping those most affected

To help address the protracted and tragic crises in the region, Canada is focusing on meeting the basic needs of those most impacted by the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, including refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries. We also work with international partners to build local capacity in communities and countries hosting large numbers of refugees, such as Lebanon and Jordan. Activities include helping partners: provide education, healthcare and sanitation; maintain and repair infrastructure; promote employment and economic growth; and foster good governance.

Canada is working with experienced Canadian, local and international partners to:

Depending on local circumstances, programming in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria helps address:

On July 20, 2016, Canada co-hosted the Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq in Washington, D.C. During the conference, Minister Dion announced Canada’s pledge of $158 million over three years.

Diplomatic engagement

The solution to the crises in the region must be, first and foremost, political.  Another priority of Canada’s approach is increasing its diplomatic role in helping to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, and assisting the efforts of the Iraqi government to foster reconciliation.

An increased presence on the ground in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon will allow Canada to engage more effectively with local and international partners and actively contribute to finding solutions to the issues facing these countries and the region.

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