Promoting security and stability

The government of Canada is focusing on training and advising local security forces to take their fight directly to Daesh. To this end, additional military resources will be dedicated to supporting Coalition partners at various headquarters and to training, advising and assisting Iraqi security forces in their efforts to degrade and defeat Daesh. While Canada will cease air strike operations, aerial refueling and surveillance activities will continue. As well, stabilization and counter-terrorism measures and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security programming in the region will be enhanced.

Canada is undertaking the following activities, in close co-ordination with key Coalition allies and local and international partners to accomplish the goal of promoting security and stability:

Military efforts

Military efforts continue to play an important role in setting the conditions necessary to deal with the threat posed by Daesh. Following discussions with the Government of Iraq and Coalition partners, Canada extended its military engagement in Iraq and Syria under Operation IMPACT until March 31, 2017, and is making the following contributions under its new approach:

Canada will allocate approximately $305.9 million towards these efforts with an additional $41.9 million allocated for redeployment of personnel and equipment in 2016-17. Recognizing the complexity of the challenging security environment, we will assess at a later date whether the mission should be extended beyond March 31, 2017.

Non-military security efforts

Other Government of Canada security initiatives include:

These initiatives will also be undertaken in close consultation and collaboration with local and international partners, including Coalition partners and allies.

On May 5, 2016, Canada signed a memorandum of understanding with Jordan to increase cooperation between the two countries on security and stabilization in the region. For more information, see Canada and Jordan cooperate on security and fighting terrorism.

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