In-person authentication service

Authenticating a document is free. It proves that the signature, the position of an official and the seal on a certified document are genuine. Other jurisdictions or countries will recognize your authenticated document as a valid copy.

Authentication is also called legalization or apostille.

Complete list of documents that can be authenticated


Global Affairs Canada

JLAC- Authentication Services Section
1st floor (Look for the signs: “JLAC- Authentication Services Section”)
111 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1J1

Hours of operation

Processing times

If the signature on the documents cannot be verified immediately, you will be advised to return to pick up your documents.

We can process up to 15 documents while you wait. If you have more than 15 documents, you must leave them with us and we will contact you when they are ready to be picked up. This could take up to five business days, depending on how many documents you need authenticated.

We will not process your documents faster for any reason. There are no exceptions.

Contact us

For additional information, please contact our general enquiries center at 613-944-4000 or 1-800-267-8376.

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