Fraudulent Telephone Calls Claiming to Represent the Embassy of Canada in Washington

The Embassy has recently received reports of telephone calls being made by individuals claiming to represent the Embassy of Canada seeking financial information to pay for fines and/or penalties owed to the Government of Canada.  These calls do not originate from the Embassy of Canada and are intended to fraudulently obtain personal financial information.

The Embassy of Canada in Washington does not send invoices or request payments through phone calls or emails. Emails originating from free services such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail, or telephone calls made for the purpose of collecting payment, are strong indicators of a scam.

The Embassy of Canada in Washington reminds Canadians they can help fight this type of fraud and protect themselves by knowing the signs of fraud and taking action.

Who to contact

You should immediately report any suspected fraudulent activity to your local police as a first step and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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