Canada and United States jobs

Executive Assistant to the Consul General
Posting date: 18/10/2017
Closing date: 30/10/2017
Location: Consulate General of Canada, Denver

Senior Commercial Officer (Ontario)
Posting date: 17/10/2017
Closing date: 03/11/2017
Location: Canadian Consulate General of Canada in New York

Program Officer - International Procurement and Relations
Posting date: 13/10/2017
Closing date: 25/10/2017
Location: Embassy of Canada, Washington, D.C.

Extension: Policy Officer, State Engagement - Ontario Office
Posting date: 10/10/2017
Closing date: 23/10/2017
Location: Embassy of Canada, Washington, D.C.

Senior Commercial Officer – Ontario
Posting date: 29/09/2017
Closing date: 19/10/2017
Location: San Francisco, California.

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