Small and medium organizations for impact and innovation

The Government of Canada is dedicating $100 million to a five-year pilot initiative targeted at Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) . This pilot initiative seeks to engage Canadian SMOs in international assistance efforts in areas consistent with Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy

This initiative is a direct response to feedback we received during the International Assistance Review consultations to provide predictable opportunities to apply for funding to Canadian SMOs. It seeks to diversify Global Affairs Canada’s partnerships and enhance the impacts of our international assistance investments. 

Programming windows

The initiative will have two programming windows:

Both of these windows will seek to generate impact, evidence, knowledge and learning.

All projects under these windows will be expected to align with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and should:

Information about these two program windows, including when organizations can apply and eligibility criteria, will be posted on this web page as it becomes available.  

Building capacity

In addition to the program windows above, this initiative will also allocate funding to improve the capacity and knowledge of Canadian SMOs and their local partners to strengthen the effectiveness of their work.

This includes access to activities to:

Contact information

For more information, contact:

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