Apply through a call for proposals

When Global Affairs Canada wishes to work with multiple partners to achieve specific results in international development, it launches a call for proposals.

In a call, eligible organizations can submit applications for funding for international development initiatives that meet the published requirements.

Calls for Proposals for initiatives in international development follow a comparative process. The initiatives which receive funding at the end of the process will be those that represent the best fit for the specific call. This means those initiatives which best:

  • align strategically with the objectives of the call
  • present appropriate technical designs
  • respond to operational requirements and other considerations specific to each call

Call for proposals

You can access calls for proposals, get a heads-up on upcoming ones, and view closed calls and results from passed calls.

For notification of calls for proposals, please subscribe to our RSS feed or to our email notices.

Submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

There is no guarantee of funding through a call for proposals process. You can increase the chances of your application receiving full consideration if you follow the instructions detailed below. It is also important to follow the instructions published on the open call page and its corresponding application form.

Instructions for applying through a call for proposals

Step 1: Read the call page

Look at the call page of an open call to determine if:

Global Affairs Canada establishes different eligibility requirements for each call:

Step 2: Review the tools and guidance provided before preparing your application package

Global Affairs Canada publishes the Funding Tools page to give all interested organizations equal access to reference material needed to meet application requirements.

Step 3: Create a draft proposal in Partners@International

If your organization is registered in the Partners@International portal:

If your organization is not registered in Partners@International:

Step 4: Check the call-specific questions and answers on a regular basis

Global Affairs Canada publishes answers on the call-specific Q&A page to ensure all applicants have access to the same information at the same time.

Please do not submit any questions specific to your organization’s eligibility or about your proposed initiative. Global Affairs Canada will not respond to queries unique to one applicant or questions received after the deadline for question submission.

Step 5: Complete all required documents

1. A call-specific application form with a label stating “validated.”

For technical difficulties, please see Questions and answers—application form technical issues.

To validate the application form:

Please note:

  • the validation function is an automated check
  • it will not ensure the completeness and accuracy of your application
  • please read over your application carefully before submitting it

2. A completed and signed Anti-corruption Declaration.

3. A completed and signed Declaration regarding outstanding debts due to Her Majesty.

4. Proof of legal status:

5. Financial statements for the last two fiscal years:

6. Other documents specified for the call to which you are applying. Individual calls may require additional mandatory documentation.


You need to submit documents in either English or French, or a combination of the two.

Step 6: Upload the documents to Partners@International portal

Step 7: Press the “Submit” button on your proposal in Partners@International before the closing date and time of the call

Submit your completed application package a few days before the stated deadline. Eliminate the possibility of a technical problem or a missing document preventing the submission of your application.

Submissions are only accepted via the portal. If you do not succeed in submitting your application package through the Partners@International portal before the deadline, Global Affairs Canada will not assess your application.

Step 8: Respond to any requests for clarification on your application by the deadline specified

Global Affairs Canada may ask questions for clarification or request documents in addition to your application package. Some documents are not mandatory at the time of application but are then needed to do a full assessment of your application for funding.

Please reply to any request for clarification or additional documents as quickly as possible. Any delays will affect the timing of decisions on funding.

Global Affairs Canada may set a deadline for responses and continue assessment of only those able to respond in the required timeframe.

What happens after you submit an application?

There are multiple steps to Global Affairs Canada’s assessment of your application package. Since a call is a comparative process, all submissions that proceed past a given step do so together:

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